The Vicious Circle

Unscripted​      In Development

Producers: B Harrison Smith  Mark Kratter   Stacey Dash


Controversial political commentator, author and actress, Stacey Dash plans

to turn "talk" on its ear with this in-development show.


Package available upon request

Hang Men

Reality Unscripted     Electus Entertainment and The Discovery Channel

Producers: Emergence Entertainment, Class of '85, LLC


An exciting, blue collar danger job show debuting March 14, 2014, 11PM!

Hang Men is the first docudrama that explores the most dangerous job in America -- building, climbing and maintaining communication towers. With more deaths per capita than any other industry, the job attracts a colorful array of extreme personalities who heroically erect and maintain the world’s communication tower infrastructure: a perilous profession with virtually no rules.

Dead Air

Reality Unscripted​      In Development

Producers: B Harrison Smith  Felissa Rose, Anthony Michael Hall


The  world of Lloyd Kaufman, indie mogul and legend is chronicled in this show hosted by indie king, Kevin

Smith and produced by boxoffice star, Anthony Michael Hall



Package available upon request

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