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Where The Scary Things Are

Where The Scary Things Are is a new horror feature, written and directed by B. Harrison Smith presently in post-production with an undetermined release date. The film was produced by Class of '85 in conjunction with Everything's Fire's Doug Henderson and Matt Nease of The Special.

A group of teens discover something strange and deadly on the property where they hang out. When inspired by a high school "Make Your Own Urban Legend" project, things turn incredibly dark as they find the ultimate way to increase views and get their "online challenge" to go viral. Just who are the monsters becomes the central, dark theme to this story.

Starring Paul Cottman, Michael Cervantes, the film introduces newcomers Peter Cote, Quinn Fickes, Selina Flanscha, Oliver Givens, Emma Lim, Asher Ruppert and Riley Sullivan.

Special Makeup Effects by Hollywood's SOTA FX and original score by John Avarese.

Dark Matter TV

Tri Coast Worldwide's Streaming platform DARK MATTER TV

now hosts my "Cynema" Podcast and has made B Harrison Smith one of its ambassadors to procure new filmmaking talent and content for distribution and digital release!

With a growing menu of genre feature films, action, sci-fi and horror--Dark Matter TV is looking to expand and Smith's plan

is to broaden its scope by bringing quality new content to their AVOD service.

Dread Central dropped the official


If YOU are a filmmaker looking for

distribution for your genre feature or

short, contact Smith through here.

Harrison Smith has signed on to direct and write "Hexen."


Production has commenced on the sales reel for my first animated series, the 80s comedy-drama for Generation X, "High School Crimes and Misdemeanors." Sales reel will be ready May, 2020. Based on the true story, the series features the vocal talent of AMANDA WYSS (Better Off Dead, Fast Times, A Nightmare on Elm Street).




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The global entertainment Wiki, FANDOM has set up Class of '85 and its films and content to a dedicated page found here: FANDOM

Recognizing Class of '85's brand for high quality product on properly

budgeted material was a boon in exposure.

"Class of '85 is an independent film and television production company founded by people who love movies. Period. Whether horror, drama, or comedy, it's about entertainment and the belief that low budgets don't have to mean low expectations."


My popular blog, "Cynema" is now a podcast featured on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Google Music and

i Heart Radio.

Check it here: CYNEMA

Read the blog: HERE



Harrison Smith Hits The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show to Pitch Death House  B Harrison Smith hit Sirius XM Satellite Radio March 6th to be part of Howard Stern's Wrap Up Show to pitch Death House and The Special!

Two federal agents fight their way through nine levels of Hell inside a secret prison known as the Death House. A facility-wide prison break turns their flight into a tour of horrors as they push toward the ultimate evil housed in the lowest depths of the earth.

See the REVIEW from Dread Central here.

See the Skype interview with SCREAM Magazine here

Death House Articles HERE

See the official RED BAND TRAILER here    IMDB here.


Death House hit streaming  NETFLIX May 5th and continues its successful run!


These names are part of horror's foundation and integral to Smith's Horror 101 listing found HERE.

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best-seller "Spilled Milk"

The screenplay adaptation of KL Randis' best-selling true story of a girl who successfully prosecutes her father for years of sexual abuse is now completed.

With the current political and social climate finally shedding light on abuse,

"Spilled Milk" is more important now than when it was published.

An overnight best-seller, it has remained on on Amazon's top-selling lists for

both paperback and Kindle.

The book has become required reading in high school and college classrooms across the nation. Author KL Randis has become one of the nation's foremost speakers on sexual abuse and victim's rights.

With a great cast that includes Vivica A. Fox, Judy Tenuta, James Duval and Michael Madsen

Smith's action-comedy released through GDR Entertainment and available on

VOD and DVD Walmart, Amazon

Two long time wise guys re-evaluate their lives as a comet heads toward earth with the media proclaiming the end times.

Throw in a screwball comedy mix of a one-handed clown, a major sting operation and a 300-pound drug lord named Ma, and you have one hell of a mix.

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360 Degrees of Hell is the Virtual Reality short spinoff of Smith's cult hit, 6 Degrees of Hell.

Acquired by Samsung Entertainment, the event is able to be viewed free at You Tube

or downloaded as an app from Apple or Android (links above).

Starring Amanda Wyss (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Better Off Dead, The ID) and

Lauren Compton (Clown Town, Justin Lin's Help! Death House) and shot on location

at a real Halloween haunted establishment, The Hotel of Horror in Saylorsburg, PA.

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